Localisation 2022 has been a success.

We thank all oral and poster presenters and participants.

See you again at the next Localisation conference!

Important dates:

  • deadline for abstract submission: June 5th (Sun), 2022

  • deadline for application of the summer schools : June 7th(Tue), 2022, 5:00 p.m. (Japan time).

  • notice of acceptance (contributed presentations): June 24th (Fri), 2022

  • deadline for registration (on-site participation) : July 8th (Fri), 2022

  • notice of acceptance (on-site participation) : July 11th (Mon), 2022

  • deadline for registration (online participation) : August 17th(Wed), 2022

Localisation 2022 is a satellite conference of 29th International conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT29) which will be held as a hybrid format on August 18th to 24th, 2022. The on-site place is Sapporo Convention Center in Sapporo.


“Localisation” is a series of conferences which dates back to 1984 when “Localization, Interaction, and Transport Phenomena” was held in PTB Braunschweig, West Germany. It is often held as a satellite conference of LT every 3 years. The last one was in 2020, which was originally planed to be held in Sapporo but, due to the COVID pandemic, held online instead. (Its proceedings have been published as a special issue of Annals of Physics, see https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/annals-of-physics/vol/435/part/P1) The topics covered in Localisation 2022 include

  • Anderson localization and transition in disordered systems (electronic, photonic, phononic, random graphs and others)

  • Effects of disorder in topological insulators, semimetals, and graphene

  • Quantum Hall transitions

  • Many-body localization

  • Localization and topology in disordered non-Hermitian systems

  • Machine learning approach to disordered quantum systems

  • Localization phenomena in artificial quantum systems such as cold atoms and spin ices

Date : August 25 - 30, 2022

  • August 25th (Wed) is only for registration.

  • August 28th (Sun) : All the university facilities including the lecture hall are unavailable due to an even "Hokkaido marathon".
    morning and evening: online poster session

Format : Hybrid (On-site & Online)


Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

Akira Suzuki Hall (2nd floor) in

Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building

School of Engineering, Hokkaido University

Kita 15, Nishi 8, Kita-Ku, Sapporo,

Hokkaido 060-8628, Japan


Registration fee

  • Online participants : free

  • On-site participants those who are neither students nor postdocs : 10,000 Japanese yen * you need to pay the fee by cash at the on-site registration desk.

  • On-site participants those who are students or postdocs : free

Registration form

Due to a limitation on the number of participants in the conference hall, even those who chose on-site participation in the form may be requested to participate online. Please do not book flights and accommodations before the notice of the acceptance of on-site participation.

Those who do not live in Japan and do not have a Japanese passport are required to obtain a VISA for entry to Japan. Please carefully read VISA ISSUE if you are considering on-site participation.

For those who can access to Google services:

  1. Please click here for registration.

For those who cannot access to Google services:

  1. please download the form here and fill it in.

  2. please send the filled form to localisation@eng.hokudai.ac.jp by the deadline. The subject of the email should be "Registration".

Submission of Abstract

Please prepare your abstract by using the template here (A4, 1 page).
The deadline for abstract submission is given at the top of this page.

For those who have a Google account:

  1. please submit your abstract through the form here.

For those who do not have any Google account:

  1. please fill in the form here.

  2. please send the PDF of your abstract to localisation@eng.hokudai.ac.jp by the deadline. The subject of the email should be "Abstract".

For those who cannot access to Google services:

  1. please download the form here and fill it in.

  2. please send the filled form and the PDF of your abstract to localisation@eng.hokudai.ac.jp by the deadline. The subject of the email should be "Abstract".

Invited Speakers

  • Alexander Altland (University of Cologne, Germany)

  • Thomas Brunet (Université de Bordeaux, France)

  • Gábor Csáthy (Purdue University, USA)

  • Nicolas Cherroret (Sorbonne Université, France)

  • Laura Cobus* (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

  • Shunsuke Daimon (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

  • Vladimir Dobrosavljevic* (Florida State University, USA)

  • Martin Dressel (Universität Stuttgart, Germay)

  • Elisabeth Dresselhaus* (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

  • Ferdinand Evers* (University of Regensburg, Germany)

  • Amit Ghosal* (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, India)

  • Ilya Gruzberg (The Ohio State University, USA)

  • David Huse (Princeton University, USA)

  • Matteo Ippoliti (Stanford University, USA)

  • Aharon Kapitulnik (Stanford University, USA)

  • Vedika Khemani (Stanford University, USA)

  • Svitlana Mayboroda (University of Minnesota, USA)

  • Alexander Mirlin (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

  • Rahul Nandkishore (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)

  • Subir Sachdev (Harvard University, USA)

  • Tigran A. Sedrakyan (The University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)

  • Moti Segev (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)

  • Sergey Syzranov* (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA)

  • Bard van Tiggelen (LPMMC University Grenoble Alpes / CNRS, France)

  • Xin Wan (Zhejiang University, China)

  • Martin Zirnbauer (University of Cologne, Germany)


  • The list of the presentations is here.

  • The timetable is here.

Venue & General Information:

  • Access

From Sapporo city centre (Odori & Susukino area) :

The Nanboku subway line is convenient. Get off at Kita 12-jo station. Exit the station and enter Hokkaido University through the Kita 13-jo gate. It is then about 10 minutes walk to the Frontier Research in Applied Sciences building.

From Sapporo Station on foot:

It will take approximately 20 minutes.

From New Chitose airport (the main airport in Hokkaido) to Sapporo:

See access information from Hokkaido University and LT29.

  • Accommodation

There are several hotels near Hokkaido University and many hotels in Sapporo city centre. Since many tourists visit Sapporo during the summer months, we highly recommend that you book a hotel at your earliest convenience upon you don't have a problem on VISA.

  • General information

For practical information about visiting Japan, see the "General Information" page on the LT29 website.

VISA issue

Information below based on the status as of June 25th, 2022. It may be changed in future depending on the situation of COVID-19.

1.Conditions for entry to Japan

Everyone is required to present a negative result of a pre-departure COVID test, taken within 72 hours of the departure time of your flight, before boarding a flight to Japan.If the country you are staying in before travelling to Japan belongs to the Blue or Yellow groups (see links below) neither on-arrival COVID test or quarantine will be required. Otherwise, an on-arrival COVID test and a quarantine of 3 days will be required.Please check carefully the conditions for entry, accepted types of tests, required documents, and all other conditions, using the links below

Please read carefully the following pages:


Those who do not live in Japan and do not have a Japanese passport are currently required to obtain a VISA. With the assistance of a travel agency, we will help you to prepare the documents that are necessary for your visa application with the purpose of entry being restricted to on-site participation in Localisation 2022 in Sapporo. you are required to pay a fee of 11,000 Japanese yen, in addition to the registration fee, in cash at the on-site registration desk.

The organizers emphasize that Japan is not yet granting tourist visas to individuals. Please refrain from planning activities unrelated with scientific and or academic purposes during your visit. For example, if you include sightseeing in your itinerary, there is a possibility that your visa application will be rejected. We will take no responsibility in such cases.

Relating to the above, it is very difficult to obtain visas for accompanying persons. So, regretfully, we have decided not to accept any accompanying persons.

3.During your stay in Japan

The organizers have to ask you to wear a mask. We also have to check your temperature, and we have to ask you to use a hand sanitizer, before entering the conference hall and poster room every day. We note that in Japan, currently, most people wear a mask not only inside but also outside.

Summer Schools

Two summer schools (hybrid format) on disordered systems will be held before and after the main conference with participants of Localisation 2022 as lecturers.

  1. First school (before Localisation 2022)
    Physics of Disordered Quantum Systems : Fundamentals
    Period : August 22nd (Mon) - 25th(Thu), 2022
    Lecturers : Ferdinand Evers, Ilya Gruzberg, Hideaki Obuse

  2. Second School (after Localisation 2022)
    Physics of Disordered Quantum Systems : Advanced
    Period : August 31st (Wed) - September 3rd(Sat), 2022
    Lecturers : Ravindra Bhatt, Rahul Nandkishore, Dragana Popovic, Hideaki Obuse

This summer schools are organized as parts of the Hokkaido Summer Institute 2022 (HSI2022) by Hokkaido University. Those who wish to attend the summer schools have to to submit an application through the HSI 2022 website.

  • The deadline is June 7th(Tue), 2022, 5:00 p.m. (Japan time).

  • The entrance and tuition fees are required.

  • Those residing abroad can participate only online.

  • Those currently residing in Japan can participate either in person or online.

Organizing Committee


    • Stefan Kettemann (Jacobs University, Germany)

    • Hideaki Obuse (Hokkaido University, Japan)

    • Keith Slevin (Osaka University, Japan)


  • Tomi Ohtsuki (Sophia University, Japan)

  • Dragana Popovic (Florida State University, USA)

  • Satoshi Tanda (Hokkaido University, Japan)

  • Kousuke Yakubo (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Conference Secretary:

  • Yumiko Yamazaki

International Advisory Board

  • Fabien Alet

  • Alexander Altland

  • Tsuneya Ando

  • Carlo Beenakker

  • Kamran Behnia

  • Ravindra Bhatt

  • Igor Burmistrov

  • John T. Chalker

  • Ferdinand Evers

  • Matthew S. Foster

  • Akira Furusaki

  • Jean-Claude Garreau

  • Azriel Z. Genack

  • Ilya Gruzberg

  • Naomichi Hatano

  • Norio Kawakami

  • Bernhard Kramer

  • Sergey Kravchenko

  • Kazue Kudo

  • Svitlana Mayboroda

  • Alexander Mirlin

  • Cécile Monthus

  • John Page

  • Rudolf Andreas Roemer

  • Nandini Trivedi

  • Martin Zirnbauer


Localisation 2022 is supported by JSPS KAKENHI 22H01140, 22H05114, 19H00658, and Hokkaido University.

Previous Localisation Conferences

  1. Braunschweig, Germany (1984)

  2. Tokyo, Japan (1987)

  3. London, UK (1990)

  4. Eugene, USA (1993)

  5. Jasowiecz, Poland (1996)

  6. Hamburg, Germany (1999)

  7. Tokyo, Japan (2002)

  8. Pohang, Korea (2011)

  9. Online (2020) [Originally to be held in Sapporo but, due to the COVID pandemic, held online instead.]


Organizers of Localisation 2022


Phone : +81-11-706-6620


Hideaki Obuse

A2-28 Division of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Engineering,

Hokkaido University, Sapporo 060-8628, Japan